Laser Hair Removal Treatment Overview

The beauty world is constantly updating it with new technologies and research. Past few years the laser hair removal technique is getting attention in beauty methods. A painless and permanent solution for unwanted hair is making its choice for many. Especially it gets rid of annoying tweezing, waxing and shaving practices. Over the many advantages and its long-time commitments, some tips should keep in mind before approaching for laser hair removal treatment in Nagpur. For better results, the treatment should always be followed by professional dermatologist having years of experience in the industry.


In laser hair removal the most important factor is skin type and tone. Mostly it is understood that lighter tone skin with darker hair is ideal for a laser. Actually, two distinct lasers are available one for lighter and one for darker. According to your skin types, the standards of laser therapy should be chosen to achieve the optimum results. The number of sessions and intervals depends on the removal area.

Before going for the sessions you must not try waxing, tweezing and shaving practices at least week before. The laser hair removal doesn’t show you an instant result like waxing or shaving. It takes few weeks or months for actual results. The hairs in the treated areas fall out after 2-3 weeks. After each session, you will observe the better results. Avoid exposure to the sun before the sessions.  Most docs recommend completely protecting the area from sunlight 72 hours in advance, or more if possible. The treated area becomes sensitive so post care is also important. Virtually it is painless but still if irritation persist numbing cream for the skin is prescribed.

The laser hair removal therapy doesn’t give 100% permanent result. Most of the people required touch up sessions as recommended. But yet it gives you much more effective results than other annoying techniques of hair removal.